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Powerful Handheld Searchlights

Argosy Communication Products Ltd.

"Providing Two-Way Radio Communication Solutions"

Argosy Communication Products (ACP) markets professional, portable searchlights and flashlight for the sophisticated users around the world. Ruggedized, lightweight, powerful and best battery run time in its class have made our HID searchlights the product of choice for many applications. Not only Defence, Security, Search & Rescue but also the commercial market have chosen ACP as their partner for military grade performance searchlights. We pride ourselves in providing premium quality products at competitive pricing.
Our searchlights represent a combination of extreme power and beautiful design without any compromises. Precise machining and manufacture, modern components and high-quality materials, and the most up-to-date knowledge available in this field enabled us to create highly resistant and durable searchlights for everyday or professional use.
The extremely powerful LX70 searchlight with an amazing luminous flux of up to 7500 lumens was designed to be used under extreme and harsh environmental conditions. With a lighting distance according to US standard ANSI/NEMA FL1 2250 m and a runtime over 140 minutes, LX70 belongs among the most powerful handheld searchlights in the world. Its low weight and high power output enables the searchlight to be used in extreme conditions. It will satisfy the most demanding needs for many applications by military personell, police, security agensies, firefighters, mining & tunneling & caving, SAR teams, divers and quality HID lighting product enthusiasts.

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