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Argosy Communication Products Ltd.

"Providing Two-Way Radio Communication Solutions"


EMR Corp. - LMR Filters and Cavities
EMR Corporation - supplier of ferrite and hybrid devices to the land mobile communications and broadcast industries, including the design and manufacturing of cavity resonant devices and complex combination of R.F. filtering products, such as antenna duplexers, hybrid and cavity resonant combining networks and receiver multicoupling.
CollComm Inc. - Audio Management Solutions
Collcomm Inc. (dba NCS) is focused on designing and producing products that provide a single point for connecting different radio systems, satellite phone systems, telephone networks and PTT cell phone networks. These products are ideal for First Responder 's Emergency Response Vehicles, Mobile Command Posts (MCP), small Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), Incident Command & Tactical Dispatch systems and most applications where cross conecting different radio systems is required.
TecNet International - Two-Way Communications and Data/Telemetry radio products
TecNet International - is a supplier of TecNet, Maxon, and HeadLine branded Two-Way Radio products servicing North and South America. TecNet provides parts, technical information, and warranty support on all portable, mobile, and data radios offered.
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